“The Gentlemen” movie review

Matthew J. Walker

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Twists, turns and comedy unfolds in Guy Ritchie’s crime-mystery film “The Gentlemen,” which landed in theaters Jan. 24.

It’s difficult to name the type of genre this movie truly is. Moments in the film have the audiences breaking out into laughter, while others have them at the edge-of-their-seat in anticipation for a thrill. One thing is for certain, “The Gentleman” never ceases to amuse and entertain throughout its nearly two-hour runtime. 

The film is narrated by Hugh Grant, who plays a witty and charming character named Fletcher a sneaky and talented private investigator.  as he tells the story of Mickey Pearson played by Matthew McConaughey and his seemingly crumbling illegal cannabis empire.

The story is told to Pearson’s right-hand man and confidant Ray, played by Charlie Hunnam, a cog nearly as important to Pearson’s lucrative business as the man himself. Pearson wants to get out of the business and become free of his past—a sentiment that Fletcher describes as “going soft”. 

The film offers a bit of foreshadowing, as within Pearson’s wife reveals when word gets out that Fletcher is exiting the drug-scene to escape to a normal (albeit pampered) life, other players will view this act as a weakness and take advantage of it.

Mickey Pearson recognizes this, but continues forward toward selling his lucrative business to a man named Matthew, played by Jeremy Strong, for $400 million; a price deemed ‘modest’ by both parties.

Getting out of the scene is no cup-of-tea for Pearson however, as suddenly his empire begins coming under attack and suffering setback after setback which means a devaluation of his business.

The purpose of Fletcher’s appearance and story-telling is one involving an exchange of information and blackmail, which Fletcher has deemed worth $20 million to Pearson—as over the course of the film he describes every major event and setback that has befallen Pearson’s empire with near-perfect precision, leaving the audience to have to respect his talent as an investigator.

However, as the plot progresses, the antagonist of the film changes time and time again. Every time the enemy has finally been revealed, a massive twist would change everything previously understood. This film serves up a mystery to an audience unknowing of its depth, revealing the true genius of its plot. 

Each character-reveal, partnership, betrayal and double-cross returns the ‘edge-of-the-seat’ sensation to the viewer—all while providing constant entertainment, mystery, thrill and laughter. 

To anyone on the fence about seeing ‘The Gentlemen’, it’s sure to be entertaining and is highly recommended.

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Matthew J. Walker

“The Gentlemen” movie review

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