The apocalypse has been cancelled due to extreme weather

Looking at global warming

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Expressed by scientific literature, the global surface temperature has increased in recent decades and the trend is caused primarily by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases.

No scientific body or international standing disagrees with this statement. However, some people believe the heating trend has nothing to do with the increase of human emissions, and that global warming is a myth.

If such an idea is a myth, why are penguins leaving the protection of their pack to heroically carryout suicide missions? They do this in an attempt to find food because their previous feeding grounds have all but been abandoned by the fish. Abandoned because of the increase of predators as the arctic ice melts.

Not only are the penguins suffering, but the predators that hunt them are vanishing.

Previously, there was no documentation of polar bears drowning; this is because they never swam into open waters for long periods of time. This jump in polar bear drownings is simple and sad. They are swimming into open water because their habitat is melting.

With greenhouse gases preventing the reflection of sun rays, the Earth is turning into a snow globe. But instead of snow, this globe is more like the Sahara desert in mid-summer.

It’s depressing that the U.S. has been more than willing to sit back and enjoy the fume-induced rays that fuel it sunny days.

In America, when April 22 rolls around, the opinions flow freely. But America doesn’t need “Earth Day” to remind people that cows in California produce more methane than the entire Los Angeles highway system.

In China, the Yellow River wasn’t always yellow. Instead, after years of pouring waste into the water system, it has turned into a toxic river cutting through the country.

The Beijing skyline is so polluted that it exceeds the normal rate of air clarity safety, extending into that of a hazardous air quality.

In Mexico City, the air quality is so poor that young and old residents aren’t allowed outside during particular times of the day. This is because the environment is simply not safe. The effects of global warming are everywhere, and don’t just emerge in the form of a constantly heating environment.

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast last year, and that devastation was a gift from the always generous host, global warming. Scientists say Hurricane Sandy wasn’t just a natural disaster but instead a global warming outcome. The ocean water over which the hurricane was developed was warmer that historical norms. It’s this warm water that fuelled the hurricane.

In all rationality as the hurricane moved north it should have lost power as water became colder.

However, Sandy gained power as it moved north into warm waters that are, by definition, a cause of global warming.

As it went up the East Coast, the hurricane took a drastic left turn, which swept it into New York and New Jersey. This was recorded as an unnatural and unusual trajectory. This occurred because of an unusual weather pattern in the Northeast Atlantic. This pattern, called the negative North Atlantic oscillation has occurred because of currents coming from Greenland carried the warmed water of an ice melt. An aspect of global warming that fueled the hurricane after its creation.

Many argue that global warming is purely speculative, but the effects that continue to cover the entire world prove otherwise.

Will it take another self-made natural disaster for the U.S. to fully recognize global warming’s devastating effects?

Or will we understand what’s happening and jump on the Al Gore ban wagon in an attempt to preserve not only our planet but ourselves?

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The apocalypse has been cancelled due to extreme weather

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