Technology may make it easy, but it’s still cheating

Can couples cheat on each other through the use of technology? Absolutely.

Jarred Velliquette

Contributing writer

Can couples cheat on each other through the use of technology? Absolutely.

Though this form of cheating may not be physical, it’s undoubtedly a form of emotional cheating. Thanks to new developments in online social networking, it’s become far easier for people to be unfaithful to their partners.

Perhaps the most common way of causing drama in a relationship through technology is texting.

Almost everyone knows about sexting, and sexting is an easy way to get away with a little heartbreak. It’s defined as the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily through mobile phones.

If one person in a relationship is flirting with a friend, co-worker, or whoever on a phone behind their partner’s back, they are not being truly faithful to their relationship. Even if it was sent in jest, the person receiving the text may interpret it differently and cause a whole lot of unnecessary trouble.

Besides, what are the chances that this sneaky boyfriend or girlfriend is going to casually bring up this texting mayhem over lunch with their significant other? Slim to none. Either way the naughty text messenger is going to look stupid.

When the faithful partner finds out about what’s happening behind his or her back, that partner is going to feel the same feelings as someone who’s been cheated on. Even if it wasn’t physical, the intent to stray was there.

Even programs such as Skype, which allows one to engage in webcam chats with acquaintances, are planting grounds for trouble in paradise.

People can talk to each other privately through Skype with both chat and webcam, and essentially throw a private party for two if desired.

It all really boils down to this: if someone is engaged in a relationship for two people and two people alone, they shouldn’t be looking somewhere else for a deeper connection.

If a partner is best friends with the opposite sex, of course they have an exception, unless the other partner has right to believe that they are doing more than talking.

People should know the boundary lines between friendship and something more, even if it’s through technology-based social media.

The faithful partner isn’t going to send shirtless pictures or risque text messages to people on their phone and play it off as ‘‘having fun’’. The fact is simply: cheating does not have to be physical to be detrimental to a relationship and emotional cheating hurts just as much as physical cheating.

So next time you send that salacious text message “as just a joke,” realize the trouble it’s causing not only you but the trust and happiness in your oh-so-valuable relationship as well.


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Technology may make it easy, but it’s still cheating

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