Taking the two-year route

Two-year options



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Career opportunities exist for individuals looking to save money and time by landing a career that only requires a two-year degree.

Although community college is an option for transfer students wanting to advance to a four-year degree, two-year degrees offer occupations in the fields of medicine, technology and design.

Individuals interested in medicine can become registered nurses, radiologic technologists, physical therapy assistants, medical billing coders or dental hygienists with the appropriate two-year degree. According to the Bureau of U.S. Labor Statistics, these occupations were expected to have job growth in 2008 and continue till 2018.

Moreover, dental hygienists have a median annual salary of $68,250, registered nurses at $64,380, physical therapy assistants at $52,160, radiologic technologists at $54,340 and medical billing coders at $47,870.

A career as a mechanical engineering technician, electrical technician or nuclear technician are also options for students. The Bureau of U.S. Labor Statistics says that these occupations should expect growth as well. The median annual salary for mechanical engineering technicians is $50,110, electrical technicians is $57,580 and nuclear technicians is $68,090.

Students can also get involved with a career in digital design. Earning a two-year degree in digital design allows opportunities for entry-level positions in graphic designing, animation and programming. These jobs have expected growth, according the Bureau of U.S. Labor Statistics, and a median annual salary of approximately $46,000.

However, some of these options may require testing or on the job training before entering the position. Although, the two-year degree should prepare students for such testing or training.

More career options are available with a two-year degree. This link through the Bureau of U.S. Labor Statistics gives more information on such pathways as well as information concerning necessary steps to go through the educational process www.bls.gov/opub/ooq/2002/winter/art01.pdf.

Pierce College offers such pathways for students, who have their anecdotes explaining why they took the two-year route.

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Taking the two-year route

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