Food review: Iron Chef Steakhouse

Looking for a place to celebrate graduation? With the end of spring quarter and both high school and college graduation ceremonies approaching, a great place to accommodate family and friends is the Iron Chef Steakhouse at 4301 S. Meridian on South Hill. It’s a delightful dinner and show for everybody, and all it takes to get there is one turn off of Meridian Avenue.

Going green with food

We eat out of convenience rather than considering the quality of what we consume. In a nation where fast food is easily accessible and affordable, we regularly eat highly processed foods when we really should be allowing our bodies to do the processing.

Los Amigos Taqueria

With the always festive Cinco de Mayo still fresh in our minds, it was appropriate that I eat at one of the many autobuses de tacos in Puyallup. Specifically, the Los Amigos Taqueria is a small, humble bus parked at Meridian Avenue and 120th Street East.