Tacoma jewelry store offers unique pieces

When it comes to quality service and handmade jewelry, Tacoma Custom Jewelry is a cut above.

Marie Lahar


When it comes to quality service and handmade jewelry, Tacoma Custom Jewelry is a cut above.

Each item is hand crafted by Michelle Smith, who is also the artist and creator. Her work is unique, and each piece has its own beauty.

Smith has taken several classes on jewelry making and it shows in her work. She makes everything from small pendants to wedding rings which can be seen on display at the store.

Smith’s work is often done in the store where customers can see with genuine gems, stones and sterling silver.

Not only is her workmanship high quality but her store’s atmosphere is among the best of any store. Upon walking in, Smith greets her customers herself with her warm hospitality and goes as far as to offer her customers coffee.

Tacoma Custom Jewelry also provides classes for customers to learn about identifying stones or making jewelry. They offer classes for adults or children and will accommodate to different styles of jewelry parties.

Tacoma Custom Jewelry’s website, www.tacomacustomjewelry.com, has monthly coupon codes to use in the store. It also has a catalog of jewelry from the store.

The actual store is on Broadway Street in Tacoma and is convenient to get to. The store is in an area of artistic value. Smith has such a joy in the art scene that she donates some of the store’s profit to keep that value on Broadway.

Tacoma Custom Jewelry has beautiful and valuable pieces of work which can be bought in the convenience of your home or in the warmth and artsy atmosphere of the store. The store is worth a visit.

I give it: five stars

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Tacoma jewelry store offers unique pieces

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