Surviving the Black Friday tradition

Surviving Black Friday

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For those adventurous souls in America, Black Friday is a sale that can’t be missed, but for others, there’re many negative aspects to the deals.

Generally, the day after Thanksgiving offers large sales to start the Christmas shopping season.

As years go by, the sales are beginning earlier and earlier. They start anywhere from late Thanksgiving night to about 6 a.m. the day after. Not to the mention, the only way to get a chance at the few prize items like, TVs or cellphones, is for shoppers to get in line for hours, if not days, in advance.

This can make the idea of shopping unappealing. Yet, while this may mess with a night or two of sleep, Black Friday offers deals that can make it worthwhile.

Many people have saved hundreds of dollars on items, such as laptops, that they otherwise would’ve had to wait and save for, or simply not buy at all.

The amount saved by joining the adrenaline-filled deal seekers is the main reason to go.

Now, usually sales will continue somewhat after the first day of the weekend in stores and also online. There’re also multitudes of Christmas sales that will follow.

But for anyone wanting an item in high demand, going on Black Friday may be the only time to get it before the shelves run bare, and it could easily be the best deal around.

Likewise, it may be a little eccentric, but the day is quite the experience in the end, and for many, is a family tradition from year to year.

Stories of people being rude or crazy for the sales of Black Friday splash news pages days after. However, these are the extreme cases. Most people just want to embrace the good time of sales and the Thanksgiving celebration.

Black Friday is a day that’ll probably continue to be controversial in the United States. Ultimately, the defining factor of whether to go or not will depend on how much money people want to save, and how much they’re willing to go through to do it.

When deciding this, it is important to take into consideration the tradition that is Black Friday. While it may be a crazy day, it’s an American holiday tradition and still part of our culture. To embrace the holiday spirit, it would make sense to join shoppers and start the Christmas season off right.


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Surviving the Black Friday tradition

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