Survival guide for finals week

It is towards the end of the quarter, which means finals week is coming up for college students. Finals week can be a very stressful time for some students. Here are some tips that can assure a student’s success prior to finals week.

  1. Accept it 

In order to get through finals week, it is important to accept the fact that finals week is going to happen. This will help prevent procrastination to study and review material for classes. Prior to finals week, locate what days, times, locations and materials will be necessary to complete the final successfully.

  1.  Create an effective study schedule

The key to successful finals is studying. Creating a schedule helps students find what times of the day they are free to get study time in throughout the week, prior to finals. By making a study schedule and sticking to it, there will be no excuse on why studying was not a priority.

  1. Participate in a study group or review session

Studying in groups is an option for students who cannot focus on their own. This is also a great way to get extra help or practice review questions with peers who are in the same class. It is a more fun and social way to study for finals.

  1.  Don’t cram!

Trying to learn or review course material less than 3 days before the final is a recipe for disaster. It is evident that trying to cram coursework will result in the material not being remembered while taking the final. Try to start at least one week prior to finals to ensure the material is embedded into your memory.

  1. Take breaks!

Studying can be a very stressful time for some students. Give a 30-minute break between each session, which will refresh one’s mind and will allow the information that was just reviewed to be better processed. Grab a snack, take a nap, or going on social media to relax while studying. Just remind yourself to resume studying afterward.

  1. Be confident

There is no worse feeling than not being confident during a final, presentation or any assignment as a student. Confidence will boost one’s energy and inflict a positive attitude during the final. Go with your instinct!

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Adelle Engmann

Survival guide for finals week

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