Supporting Obama’s 2011 stimulus plan

We should all support President Obama’s 2011 Stimulus Plan for several reasons. The primary reason is because it’s a fair and mandatory compromise.

Sarah Erickson


We should all support President Obama’s 2011 Stimulus Plan for several reasons. The primary reason is because it’s a fair and mandatory compromise.

Tax cuts are part of a solution for the national debt because if our economy is not quickly mended, it will not recover. If it does not, then the debt will never be resolved. Quite frankly, these tax cuts are mandatory to keep our country from a double-bounce recession.

Experts agree that there will be more jobs created because of the 2011 Stimulus Plan.

First things first, let us focus on the issues at the top of the priority list before harassing the president about his choices. Politics are not simple. The economy is not an abstract issue. Without these tax cuts, millions of Americans would lose their jobs. Unemployment benefits and the economy will collapse. Everyone has an opinion, but we need to focus on the facts here. We cannot solve the debt while the economy is crashing and we cannot take money from the poor, especially when they don’t have enough as it is.

Compromise is mandatory. Given the situation, Obama had three choices. He could have stopped fighting, knowing the economy would inevitably crash. Or, he could’ve continued debating until he won, which would be time consuming and predictably futile. Or, Obama could have negotiated a fair compromise. Which choice would you have preferred? We should commend Obama for finding a resolution and taking action.

Democrats, including Bill Clinton, support the 2011 plan. Clinton says it’s the best way to stimulate the economy. He gives a case example where Hong Kong successfully recovered from a crisis using a similar, payroll-tax-relief package.

“There is never a perfect bi-partisan agreement in the eyes of a partisan,” Clinton says.

If Obama did not compromise on his plan prior to January, the average family would be paying approximately $3,000 per year out of their paychecks. These families are already struggling to survive, and this loss could mean the gas money needed to continue supporting their families.

We seem to forget that Obama did not create this crisis, nor did he create the debt. He took office after the recession had already begun. Republicans are currently more concerned over national debt, political races and maintaining tax cuts for the wealthy.

Interestingly enough, Republicans created the debt. They did not seem so concerned about it while benefits were present. The same party is currently and hypocritically, overly concerned as they point fingers at the man who has stepped up to face the issues.

This year we will see if they have a better budget proposal. However, given all of the issues based in reality, there is not a lot of room for adjustment, not while demands of the economy beckon for immediacy.

I look forward to watching the Republicans attempt to manifest their theoretical plans in the real world and prove to Americans that there is no simple answer. At the same time, Obama will return to the favored spotlight, where he truly deserves to be.

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Supporting Obama’s 2011 stimulus plan

by Sarah Erickson time to read: 2 min