Summer quarter for students

A look at students who are taking summer classes.



Joe Dennis


June 24 is the start of summer quarter at Pierce College. Students are enrolling in classes to earn credit for various academic purposes. Summer quarter gives students the chance to help complete classes in order to qualify and apply for programs like Pierce College’s Pacific Northwest Dental Hygiene Institute.

Students Krista Betcher and Michael Mason have had to deal with the frustration of certain courses not offered or filling quickly during the regular school year. Betcher is taking chemistry 131 this summer, while Mason plans on attending a microbiology and pre-calculus course.

“Since the class I need isn’t offered in the fall my plan is on taking the pre-requisites here on the Puyallup campus,” said Betcher. “Then after I fulfill all of the necessary pre-requisites I’ll start taking the dental hygiene program at the beginning of winter quarter.”

Student John McCray is taking summer quarter in order to earn the rest of his required credits at Pierce in order to university. After summer quarter, McCray is transferring to the University of Washington in the fall.

“I’m undeclared when it comes to what I plan on majoring in while attending University of Washington,” McCray said. “With the summer schedule only being seven weeks long, it is a lot more lenient than the 12 week quarters. Allowing students to get through the classes they may not have an easy time with during fall, winter or spring quarter by managing it in a shorter, concise manner.”

Pierce provides students with the necessary courses and time that help them meet the requirements of the various programs offered here. With great weather and atmosphere, Pierce College allows students to enjoy the sun while also furthering them toward their academic success and goals.

“I admire the mature and developed environment I’m apart of while here at Pierce,” Mason said. “I’m looking forward to summer quarter and earning required credits so I can be part of the college’s dental hygiene program. Everyone who attends and works at Pierce seems to care about being here which encourages me to stay focused and keep going.”

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Summer quarter for students

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