Summer at Pierce: Back to basics

Summer quarter has plenty of core classes now to get ahead.

Justin Shoemaker

Contributing Writer

Pierce’s summer quarter is loaded with classes for those who need to take care of some basic credits before moving on with their degrees or careers.

Most of the lineup consists of some standard requirements for an associate degree or entry into a university program. Spanish 121 and 122, a few remedial and 100-level math courses and a quartet of natural sciences make up the bulk of the options offered in the classroom on the Puyallup campus.

Almost as many courses are offered online. The majority of online classes are in the business, social science, applied technology, and allied health departments. Here again are basic courses for those looking to add a business or social science emphasis to their degree including four 100-level accounting classes and three 100-level business classes.

Philosophy majors—or those who just want to take a philosophy class—will be able to read Aristotle and John Stewart Mill in the sun in any one of the three philosophy courses being offered online this year. Philosophy 101 will be available as an on-campus class.

Bells and whistles are not the style for summer academia at Pierce. The college has focused their efforts on arranging the options to be useful and convenient; functionality is the name of the game. For those who haven’t registered yet, it may not be too late to squeeze in Math in Society or Introduction to Chemistry and bring that graduation date a bit closer.

Anyone who thinks they may want to change their mind about taking this summer off should visit and talk to their adviser as soon as possible.

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Summer at Pierce: Back to basics

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