Go outside: Nature is free

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For those who aren’t attending classes during summer quarter and don’t have to work constantly, the coming months are full of opportunity. Expensive, regrettable opportunity. Week long, stressful vacations that leave students broke and exhausted aren’t the only option. Mini vacations can be no more than three days, no more than $100 and no more than eight tears.

For students who’ve found themselves interested in rocks, Kalaloch Beach 4 is the flat rock Mecca. Instagram eats that stuff up. It’s on the Olympic Coast, 2.7 miles north of the Kalaloch campground, according to nwgeology.wordpress.com. There’s a short trail from the parking lot to the beach, which includes a driftwood bridge that goes over a stream. For students with families, the beach could probably keep the average toddler interested for about an hour.

If students want to be able to say they’ve traveled abroad, Victoria, B.C. is a ferry ride away. It takes two and a half hours by car from Pierce to get to the ferry in Port Townsend. Downtown Victoria is full of expensive coffee shops and gelato places, but students can find those things anywhere. Outside the downtown area are the Butchart Gardens. For $32.10 (Canadian) and from June 15-Sept 30, any student can explore many varieties of flowers in the gardens.

There’s also the Royal British Columbia Museum. It costs $21.75 for students 19 and older with valid student ID to get into the museum and the IMAX theater. The museum houses natural history, first people and modern history galleries all year, with temporary exhibits on rotation. And those are just the educational activities.

If Victoria, B.C. isn’t exactly the international experience students were looking for, Leavenworth sells itself as a real Bavarian experience. From Pierce, it’s a two and a half hour drive to downtown Leavenworth through rolling farmland, carved out mountainsides and about five fresh fruit stands. Visitors immediately go shopping or to find the best bratwurst, but being on a mountain in the middle of nowhere means there are lots of nature activities to participate in, too. The Leavenworth Outdoor Center offers tubing down the lazier portions of the Icicle river, with enough mini beaches and small rapids to keep it interesting. For those older than 13, the price is $20, and $10 for a dog tube.

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Hannah Pederson

Go outside: Nature is free

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