Students voices are heard in Olympia

About 500 students gathered at the state capitol Jan. 27 to protest tuition increases.

Sarah Erickson


About 500 students gathered at the state capitol Jan. 27 to protest tuition increases.

These students were fully loaded with school spirit, hope for the future, and banners with powerful messages and voices.

The signs included messages such as “College Education=Food for My Kids” and “Education is the Key to Freedom.”

Several speakers, including Puyallup campus ASPCP President Laura Adler, rallied students to action and to gain attention from state legislators.

The rally had a strong local presence.

In fact, Adler and Mari Kruger, director of student support services and student life, organized the statewide event.

Pierce College provided bus transportation to and from both campus locations. Pierce students who attended the rally were given t-shirts that read, “Student voices will be heard.”

Students from community and technical colleges from across the state attended.

Many speakers representing their colleges explained students need to take a united stance to show how important education is to their futures. They also said increases in higher educational costs need to be prevented.

Several questions from speakers posed responses from the crowd. The students were asked whether any of them were first-generation college students.

The audience members roared with pride.

Many students are the first in their families to attend college.

The primary message of the rally was repeated, crystal clear—a call to action.

Students shouldn’t sit on the sidelines, speakers said. Powerful speeches inspired students to express their concerns through e-mailing, calling and leaving messages or showing up in person.

Students were advised to writing letters to legislators instead e-mailing. Speakers said these state officials do want to hear students’ stories.

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Students voices are heard in Olympia

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