Students showcase talent at open mic event

Talent shows up at open mic event.

Olivia Inglin


In the Connection Café on May 28 the office of student life hosted an open mic that students had been encouraged to sign up and perform during. Many came out to watch other students showcase their talents, and also to enjoy the free taco bar lunch.

Hosting the event was comedian Adam Northwest who entertained onlookers with jokes about The Purge, Chopped, tattoos and more.

“I’m really glad to be here,” Northwest said. “I don’t know if you guys can tell I don’t work out. I want to but I just can’t… Some guys are so strong when they lift weights they wear gloves. I just wear mittens… I just want to be strong, not to be fight anyone, but just so I can eat ice cream without having to leave the container on the counter for an hour.”

Eleven students performed at the event, which went from noon to 2 p.m. Most singers sang and rapped at least two songs. As the music flowed many onlookers took video and pictures.

Students performed a range of music that included creative covers, soft self-written tunes and also some rap.

The event was hosted by Outreach Coordinator Kylie Wheeler and Interactive Media and Gaming Coordinator Ian Leitch.

While the event called for prior sign up to performances there were also some surprise impromptu performances towards the end of the show. The afternoon was filled with applause and laughter as many showcased different talents.

“My ex-girlfriend just un-friended me on Facebook, and after she posted a beautiful profile picture of herself, and I was like that’s not what you look like. I’ve seen you in the morning,” Northwest said. “So, I made my profile picture to an ugly picture of her, and now we’re even.”


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Students showcase talent at open mic event

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