Students electrified by Light It Up dance

Students at Pierce get their dance on.

Meagan Lucero


The Light It Up blacklight dance on Feb. 21 encouraged students to come together for a night of fun.

Spin That Ish provided a free DJ master class in the multipurpose rooms, and top students from the DJ class had the chance to DJ at the dance later that night.

That Friday evening, Pierce College Puyallup was filled with student life. The lights were off in the dining Commons, but the glow of DJ’s stage brightened up the room with blue, red and green colors. Students were given glowing gloves, necklaces, bracelets, headbands and large glow sticks at the sign-in table.

The room was filled with an open dance floor, beverages and snacks. Excitement and the beat of the bass filled the room.

Ryan Morgan, previous entertainment coordinator at the Puyallup campus, chose to hold this event when the idea was given to him by previous students.

“People have said it was one of the better events at Pierce,” Morgan said.

Pierce held an event similar to the Light it Up dance about two years ago.

Morgan wants to have events that are more of what he said the culture is into.

He describes the event as being club-style dance, complete with techno music and hip-hop. Morgan said it was a dance pit with lights.

As one of the last events planned out by Morgan, some may say he went out with a bang, giving his peers what they wanted—a night of good fun.

“I liked the DJ class and learning how to do it was the highlight of my night, plus hanging out with friends,” Pierce College student Dorthy Turk said.

Pierce College student Zachary Bates also commented on the event.

“It was very colorful and loud,” Bates said.

The night opened up many opportunities for students to come together. It was a chance to indulge in an interesting conversation, a dance partner or get to know someone outside of the classroom.

Overall, those who attended the dance seemed to be in agreement that it was a fun and exciting event.

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Students electrified by Light It Up dance

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