Student representative election results

Pierce College’s student representative election results showed almost double the voter turnout this year compared to the year before.

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Pierce College’s student representative election results showed almost double the voter turnout this year compared to the year before.

This year, about 17 percent of students voted Oct. 13-14 in comparison to last year when only 9 percent of students voted.

The positions in the election were environmental and evening representatives.

Evening representative Angel Truong ran unopposed after the only opposing candidate dropped out of the running.

For environmental representative, three candidates were on the ballot. James Hunt, Kasie McAfee and Shelby Pyle, members of the Environmental Club, were campaigning for the position.

Kasie McAfee received 46 percent of the vote.


Meet Angel Truong

Truong, a junior at Emerald Ridge High School, initially planned to run for the environmental representative but switched to the evening representative position.

Although she doesn’t take evening classes, Truong likes to be involved in leadership. Truong still is developing her plans for what she will do as evening representative for the school year.

“As evening representative, I plan to increase safety at night, hopefully get more securities patrolling at night around the campus and parking lots,” Truong said. “(Also) definitely make events available to evening students as well as day students.”

She said evening students would prefer the dining commons stay open later but is not sure if Pierce could afford to make that change.

“I plan on doing a lot of surveys, change things up and get evening students more involved,” Truong said. “I think day students are more involved than night students.”

According to Truong, advertising and fliers play an important role in evening student involvement.

“I want evening students to be well informed,” Truong said.

With her interest in the environmental concerns at Pierce, as demonstrated by her initial candidacy for environmental representative, Truong plans to be a bridge to evening students for environmental concerns.

Meet Kasie McAfee

McAfee has been attending the Puyallup campus for three years. She is an Environmental Club member and plans to work with the club to educate students about sustainability.

During this school year, she plans on conducting a survey about how environmentally aware students are. She would like to educate students who don’t know about their environmental impact with a workshop to show them how to assess their carbon footprint. Also, she is planning to study Pierce College Puyallup’s carbon footprint.

McAfee’s biggest plan for this year is to try to get a subsidized student bus pass. She is using colleges such as Bellevue Community College, University of Washington Tacoma and University of Washington Seattle as inspiration for the bus passes.

She would have to see if she could add a sustainability fee (about 50 cents per credit) to start the bus pass program.

District collaboration between both Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup campuses for the bus pass will be considered.

“If we can find that the finances and the fees work out, I would like to create more outdoor eating areas,” McAfee said.

McAfee believes the outdoor eating areas would help create a friendlier campus and she could create these areas using sustainable and recycled materials.

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Student representative election results

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