Student Programs cool with pool table, for now

The pool table area in the college center building at Pierce College Puyallup has long been a popular hangout spot for students to get together and shoot a few games of pool between classes.

Recently, there was talk circulating that suggests there were plans to remove the pool table.

Secretary Senior of Student Support Services and Student Life Deanna Frey confirmed that the pool table was going to be removed before the decision was made to keep it.

“The pool table was going to be removed because of the various complaints from students and staff alike that students around the table were being loud, vulgar and disrespectful, and breaking the code of conduct at Pierce College,” Frey said.

Frey explained meetings were held to discuss what was going on, and as a result rules and regulations were made and posted in the pool table area.

The only reasons that the pool table would be removed would be if the code of conduct was broken in relation to expectations or students were failing to follow the rules and regulations posted at the pool table.

Frey explained that the pool table could be removed at any time if behavior continues that is disruptive to an educational environment, but says there are currently no plans to remove the table.

“It (pool) is a good activity for the students to be involved in and has had a club from having our pool table,” Frey said. “We will keep the pool table as long as students follow requirements of the code of conduct and are being respectful and appropriate.”

According to Student Programs officials, the number of complaints regarding behavior around the pool table has gone down. There are a few noise complaints but no serious problems.

There have been complaints by students about not being able to play pool if they are not part of the club or have not signed up for that day. Deanna Frey explains that Student Life is working on the problem.

“We are looking at finding a fair solution so all students are welcome to play pool,” Frey said.

There have also been rumors circulating that the Glee Club and Pool Club might be merging, but according to Student Life, there are no plans of the two partnering.

According to the rosters of the Pool Club and the Glee Club there are many Club members that are members of both clubs, which might explain where the rumors came from.

The pool table, it seems, will continue to remain a popular fixture at Pierce as long as students are respectful and obey the rules while playing.


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Student Programs cool with pool table, for now

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