A voting quorum: A look inside student council meetings

Student council meetings are open to students.

Suzanne Buchholz, Senior Reporter

Pierce College Puyallup students may know that most of the events on campus are sponsored by the Office of Student Life, but what they might not know is the OSL holds student council meetings every other Thursday and these meetings are open to students.

Student council meetings convene in room 101 of the Gaspard Administration Building from 4:30-5:30 p.m. The first meeting of winter quarter was Jan. 12.

The student government leaders’ job is to make decisions for clubs, events and similar activities are based on input from students by having discussions and taking votes on the plan.

“During each of the meetings we discuss any action items that we are voting on,” ASPCP President Madison Martin said. “These can include the approval of clubs, the approval of members to committees on campus, funding requests and other motions that affect our campus.”

During meetings, student government and student activities board members also report on how they’ve been working on serving students, and discuss upcoming events, activities and clubs. Votes for such matters as event and club approvals are taken by the four senators and two vice presidents, with Martin making the final decision should there be a tie.

Following the reports and voting is a discussion period where students attending the meeting have the chance to speak. During this time students can ask questions, offer feedback, make suggestions or anything else they want to say, Martin said.

“We want as many students as possible to attend, so we can have their input when we’re making decisions,” Martin said. “The ASPCP is meant to be an organization that represents student interest and we love having students ask us questions and participate in discussion.”

Student council meetings have always been open to students, Martin said. Should students miss a meeting but want to know what happened during the previous one, the minutes for each meeting are posted outside of the OSL in CTR 210.

Several students reported not being aware of student council meetings being open to them. Student Allysen Arnsten said she wasn’t aware that student council held meetings at all, but that she might consider going to one if it held special interest for her.

“Maybe (I would attend) if they talked about something I was interested in, like some big issue,” Arnsten said, “but not on a regular basis.”

Student Julien Martin also had been unaware of the meetings but he felt he didn’t have much reason to attend.

“I’m pretty busy outside of (Pierce), so I probably wouldn’t go,” Julien Martin said. “I’m pretty easygoing, nothing bothers me here.”

President Madison Martin said the OSL plans to advertise the meetings more on campus to ensure students know where and when they take place as well as letting them know they’re welcome to attend. Meetings must be announced at least 24 hours in advance according to laws set in place by the ASPCP. Martin said she hopes this helps bring more students to meetings.

“All meetings are open to students,” Martin said. “In fact, we encourage students to come to student council meetings. We want to hear student opinions and insights because they are the people who the decisions we make impact the most. We are their student advocates.”

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Suzanne Buchholz

A voting quorum: A look inside student council meetings

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