Student art exhibition now open

Pierce College Puyallup recently opened its Spring Student Art Exhibition in the Arts and Allied Health building.

Katie Ardmore

Editor in Chief

The exhibit is in the small art gallery inside the AAH foyer and features some of Pierce’s best student artists. It holds paintings, drawings and etchings by up-and-coming art students.

The exhibit was kicked off May 4 with a reception and awards ceremony. Four students were given awards for their artwork.

“It was a difficult choice,” Pierce College Puyallup President Patrick Schmitt said before presenting the artists with their awards.

Diane Barton received the President’s Choice Award for her charcoal and paper piece, “Rite of Passage.”

Pierce bought the picture from her for $300 so it can be on permanent display.

Courtney Havernick received the first place award for her pen and ink drawing, “Event Horizon.” To create “Event Horizon,” she made her drawing and then splashed the canvas with layers of coffee.

Havernick has been interested in art her whole life and has been influenced by her mother, who also was an artist.

This is not the first award Havernick has received. In high school, she won a scholarship for a painting she created for the Puyallup Fair.

Havernick plans to continue with her art and pursue it as a career. She wants to go to DigiPen Institute of Technology to study art. According to Havernick, anyone can pursue art.

“Everyone can be an artist,” she said. “It just takes a lot of work and determination. And practice, tons of practice.”

Melanie Atkins received the first honorable mention for her fluid acrylic painting, “Iridium.”

The recipient of the second honorable mention was Jennifer Gaines for her drawing, “Sammy,” a drawing of her pet snake.

Gaines is a talented artist, but she didn’t recognize her potential until she took a beginning drawing class at the Puyallup campus.

“I never thought I could draw when I started that class,” she said. “But the more I learned about it, the better I got.”

Gaines views art as a hobby, not a career path. After she graduates from Pierce in June, she plans to attend the University of Washington Tacoma to study psychology.

Another student artist featured in the exhibition was Jordan Waterman, who plans to pursue a career where he can use his artistic abilities. He is going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in the fall.

Waterman became interested in art at a young age.

“My siblings were more into sports, but I wanted more of a creative outlet,” he said. “I really enjoy art.”

Students, administrators, staff and faculty filled the gallery, marveling at the array of artwork during the opening.

The exhibit will continue in the AAH art gallery until June 10.




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Student art exhibition now open

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