Student appreciation day

The Pierce College Foundation hosted a Student Appreciation Day Oct. 19 in the College Center.


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The Pierce College Foundation hosted a Student Appreciation Day Oct. 19 in the College Center.

Foundation representatives offered 70 to 90 percent off coupons to a large variety of local activities for students. These discounts included activities such as cruises, rock climbing, paintballing, golfing, bowling and spa treatments. The most popular activity was the iFly indoor skydiving that recently opened at Southcenter Mall.

“It is currently the largest indoor one in the world. It is 14 feet in diameter and 50 feet high,” Sarah Lim, event coordinator, said.

“I did it four times, and I have no coordination,” Lim said. “I suggest everybody tries it.”

Student Appreciation Day is sponsored by the Pierce College Foundation and Seattle Appreciation Events. Twenty percent of the profits that come from the event go to the Foundation and the other 80 percent go to Seattle Appreciation Events.

Seattle Appreciation Events is a company that goes to various businesses to provide saving opportunities. The Pierce College Foundation is a non-profit organization that distributes scholarships to students of Pierce College.

Every academic year the Foundation gives away about $125,000 in scholarships to Pierce students. It also pays for instructional equipment, building construction, staff and faculty awards and faculty professional development.

“Some of the money goes to student scholarships and some goes to the faculty professional development,” said Paula Henson-Williams, Prospect Research, capital campaign and alumni relations manager.

They are planning to have another Student Appreciation Day in the spring. Considering student appreciation day started last year, is has had a good amount of foot traffic with 20 to 30 people buying certificates.

When people did buy certificates, they bought multiple ones. People who weren’t pleased with some aspect of the coupon could contact an appreciation event representative and get a refund. On the Puyallup campus about 75 coupons were sold and in total, 180 coupons were sold.


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Student appreciation day

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