Street Fighter X Tekken on target to be one of the best games of the year

When it comes to Street Fighter X Tekken, its flaws are few and far between but probably will frustrate those who come upon them almost right away.

Joseph Dennis

Street Fighter X Tekken is possibly one of the best fighting games of 2012. When put alongside Soul Calibur 5 you can really see what stands out between the two games. This game is what I wish Soul Calibur 5 was, mainly because it showed a fighting game that fixed some if not all of Soul Calibur 5’s flaws. With the flaws that are in Street Fighter X Tekken, trust me there are quite a few, it can be overlooked when it comes down to offline and online game play, story, characters, and nostalgia. Now this review is in no way a compare and contrast between Street Fighter X Tekken and Soul Calibur 5.

When it comes to Street Fighter X Tekken, its flaws are few and far between but probably will frustrate those who come upon them almost right away. First of all there’s the problem with character customization, you are basically unable of customizing your own kind of character. You are able of course to change the color of whatever character you choose, but sadly that’s it. Unlike Soul Calibur 5, or even Tekken 6, where you can change the character’s clothing, armor, and even physical features it takes away any sort of character creation that is unique and special.

Another problem that is really more like nitpicking is the lack of certain familiar characters that I expected in this game are not playable what so ever. Characters like Jack, Bryan, Eddy, Blanka, and E. Honda are nowhere to be seen and instead we get Mega Man and Pac-Man; if you feel like you got ripped off you’re not alone. I’m not saying I hate Mega Man and Pac-man in the least bit, but here’s a question “why the heck are they in the Street Fighter X Tekken game?” It’s kind of like putting Pikachu and Jeff Goldblum in Mortal Kombat, and does that make any sort of sense?

Though where Street Fighter X Tekken falls flat on its face it does make up for it when it comes down to things like story and characters. The arcade mode not only gives the audience just a basic arcade mode but gives the audience a story that is easy to follow and backstories on whatever character you play as in the game. The story is fairly simple and not too mind numbing for the audience to keep track of, the general rundown of the story is as follows.

A mysterious meteor sort of thing falls from space and lands in the Antarctic, the meteor turns out to be a box known as Pandora’s Box that contains either immense power or ultimate destruction. Street Fighter X Tekken does what Soul Calibur 5 failed to do, basically making people care about who they are fighting as. Knowing why each character is fighting for Pandora’s Box, the central focus gives people a reason to care about who they are fighting as in the first place.

Offline and online game play is well balanced and just overall great. The tutorial is well set up for anyone wanting to know how to play Street Fighter X Tekken correctly and able to get all the right moves down to defeat your opponents easily. Online game play is quick and you’re able to even spectate over fights when waiting to challenge someone.

Personally I got beat down pretty quickly when I played online so play offline for a bit if you haven’t been living, eating, and breathing off of Street Fighter X Tekken for the past week since it released. In the end though the offline and online game play works out for what this game has going on for it.

In conclusion does this game have good replay and give the same sort of respect to both the Street Fighter and Tekken series? Personally, yes it does because of the nostalgia attached to both Street Fighter and Tekken, along with the fact that I grew up on both series when I was younger. If you are a fan of one or both series then there is no shortage of what you will be getting when you play this game. It’s like taking the tag team Tekken game for the Playstation 2 and giving the visual and graphic design to the same people who made Street Fighter 4.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Jin and Ryu fight Kazuya and M. Bison until the bitter end.

I give Street Fighter X Tekken five out of five stars

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Street Fighter X Tekken on target to be one of the best games of the year

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