State Legislature proposes assault weapons ban

Matthew J. Walker

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House Bill 2241 introduced by the Washington state Legislature calls for restrictions on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Currently, HB2241 is being considered by the legislature but has yet to be approved. The bill consists of a list of descriptions defining what puts a firearm into the assault rifle class.

Alongside the restrictions on ownership of assault rifles, the bill also looks to place restrictions on high-capacity magazines, pistol grips and rifles with less than 30 inches total length.

The bill is sponsored by more than 24 lawmakers, among them Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee. The bill comes after a number of mass shootings that have taken place across the country in recent years. Breanna Scott, a student at Pierce College, believes that Americans should be allowed to own a firearm—but with certain restrictions.

“We should be allowed to own guns, but to a certain extent.” Scott said.

Scott said she was unsure if the bill would be good for Washington state.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of back and forth on that one because of people who go hunting and all that, but then there’s people who don’t use guns for good reasons.” She said.

“I feel like we shouldn’t ban guns altogether.”

This sentiment is shared by a number of people around the nation and has led to protests like the ‘March for our Lives’ that began after a host of mass shootings befell the nation. Joe Kirby, a retired Tacoma Police lieutenant and special forces veteran with more than three decades of experience, offered his perspective on the legislation.

“My senior trip was Vietnam in ’68, so I’ve spent my entire adult life carrying a firearm,” Kirby said.

“From the perspective of a police officer with 36 years under his belt—we can’t get there (to the scene of the crime) in time. This legislation is very oppressive to law-abiding citizens.”

Kirby added that criminals don’t follow the law. By banning firearms in any capacity, to him, simply disarms the good guys while empowering the bad guys.

“You can make anything you want illegal, but criminals don’t care. All they’re doing with gun control (legislation) is disarming law-abiding citizens and leaving them defenseless,” said Kirby.

“If this (HB2241) is for the purpose of getting guns out of the hands of the bad guys, it will be a failure.”

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Matthew J. Walker

State Legislature proposes assault weapons ban

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