STAT: New computer program created to benefit students

Jackie Buckman

At Pierce, a new computer program has been created: the Student Technology Assistance Team. This program came from the idea that Edmonds Community College has, the Student Technology Advice and Resource Team.

The goal of STAT is to bring students together if they’re having troubles with technology. It narrows the help down to the frequently questions about Wi-Fi, Canvas and email. STAT will also provide advice with drop-in assistance, online support and many other things by lab technicians that are provided in the computer labs. STAT is developed and maintained by students, as well.

“It is for the students created by the students,” said District Computer Labs Manager Kandee Nelson.

STAT isn’t a tutoring service and it isn’t librarians offering support either. Many students try to figure out the technology themselves or try to ask people in the computer labs for help. They’re also directed to the library for help and don’t always find the right answers. Since STAT is a partnership with Information Technology, it makes it easier to be able to ask questions right away.

Lab assistants can help with hooking up to the Wi-Fi or accessing their email or Canvas accounts. For students with cell phones, laptops or tablets, things may get complicated, since every device is unique and has different settings.

“STAT is a valuable resource and will make everyone’s job as either a student or lab assistance a lot easier,” Nelson said.

Positives for STAT is that it’s created and maintained by students. Lab technicians will gain more experience with computers and can use working with STAT as reference for their resumes. A negative about STAT is there currently isn’t a location. Ideas have been tossed, but nothing’s been decided yet.

“We are asking students to come to the labs at both campuses but eventually are hoping to move a place for STAT in the library,” Nelson said.

Since everything in today’s world has basically gone mobile and technology is constantly growing, STAT will make the transition to using student email or Canvas a lot easier.

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STAT: New computer program created to benefit students

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