Starbucks red-cup controversy

Amber Gilliland, Senior Reporter

For most, the word Christmas brings to mind images of Santa, decorated trees and time with family. This holiday season, however, Starbucks is at the forefront of people’s minds.

That’s right…Starbucks. The coffee corporation’s annual red cups have managed to cause a stir this month.

This ridiculous situation began when a man by the name of Joshua Feuerstein posted a video online complaining about the cups at Starbucks. The cups this year are simply red with the Starbucks logo. His complaint? There are no decorations on them that represent Christmas. He went on in the video to somehow make the connection between a plain cup and what he calls, “A war on Christmas.” He encouraged other Christians to spread the video and protest the red cups. As if this wasn’t enough stupidity for one day, the rantings of this man have developed into a full-blown controversy. People have been taking their stance on this stupidity over Facebook, and it’s even made its way to public figures such as Ellen DeGeneres and Donald Trump.

Have people really gotten so sensitive that they need to start taking personal offense to a freaking cup? It’s a shaped piece of paper that’s used to transport coffee to a person’s gullet. Calm down people.

A quick look at the history of Starbucks’ red cups will reveal that over the past few years, there have been no religious symbols depicted on the cups. Designs of snowflakes, people sledding and snowmen with carolers have adorned the cups. There were no Christmas trees, Santas or nativity scenes. The Starbucks cups have represented winter the season, not Christmas, the Christian holiday. There doesn’t seem to be anything about caroling snowmen in the Bible.

There’s no war on Christmas and Christianity. If anything, there seems to be a war on every other religion that isn’t Christianity. There isn’t a giant menorah being placed in the middle of the South Hill Mall at the beginning of November, but there’s a Christmas tree. The ABC Family network doesn’t do 25 days of Kwanzaa or Hanukkah but they do have a 25 days of Christmas celebration annually where they show a Christmas themed movie every day in December until Christmas.

It’s not about Christmas or Christianity; it’s about not being an insensitive human being. There are so many beliefs out there. There’s not one that is right or wrong or better than another. Nobody should have other people’s beliefs shoved in their face and it’s not fair for someone of a different faith to have Christmas shoved down their throat. That includes when trying to  something as simple as caffeinating themselves.

It’s amazing that some people are looking at this as a religious attack rather than a cost cutting measure. Not having to pay people to design, license and print fancy cups saves money. Seems pretty logical that one of the top selling coffee chains in the world would want to keep costs down.

If people are more worried about a cup than the real issues in the world, then they need a serious reality check. With issues like homelessness, hunger, global warming, cancer and terrorist attacks the last thing that seems important is the lack of design on a cup.

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Starbucks red-cup controversy

by Amber Gilliland time to read: 2 min