Standard student IDs make common sense

Community and technical colleges in the state are uniting for common student ID numbers.


Sara Konu


Community and technical colleges in the state are uniting for common student ID numbers.

As of Dec. 15, the ID numbers of students currently enrolled in a community or technical college became their permanent IDs for as long as they’re attending a community or technical college.

This means students can transfer to other community colleges in Washington and keep the same student ID numbers. However, students transferring to a four-year college or any educational institution outside of Washington will receive new ID numbers.

The decision to implement the common student ID number was made by state Legislature when it passed an efficiency bill on March 4, 2010. The goal of the bill is to open channels of communication within the community colleges in Washington and ultimately make the education system easier for students.

“Each of the 34 community college districts is required to coordinate with districts in their region in offering education and training,” an excerpt from the bill said. “The districts are required to avoid unnecessary duplication of student services and administrative functions.”

The new common student ID system is only effective if a student’s social security number is registered with their ID number. With the correct social security, number the school’s computer operated student management system, which handles admissions, registration, grades and transcripts can process student’s transferring to Pierce with a student ID from another community college.

“We’re required by state law to do due diligence and collect student’s social security numbers. If we have wrong information then your records are wrong,” Registrar Anne White said. “We want to make sure students have all of the right records.”

Pierce students and faculty can expect to see new student ID numbers around campus as students from other schools transfer to Pierce.

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Standard student IDs make common sense

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