Spring registration is coming to Pierce College

On Feb. 29, Pierce College students can log into their student portal account and register for spring quarter.

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Andrea Mendoza, Office Manager/Reporter

On Feb. 29, Pierce College students can log into their student portal account and register for spring quarter.

Students have different designated times to register for classes which are based upon the amount of credits each student has and how many more credits they need to graduate. This is why students who’ve just started at Pierce have a later registration time than a student who’s attended for more than three quarters.

A later registration time may cause difficulty in registering for classes a student needs because they tend to fill up quickly and already have a waiting list.

“Classes fill up in seconds and and I always get on the waiting list,” Running Start student Gina Hales said. “It’s always frustrating but if I get on the waiting list, I usually always get the class.”

In order to register, each student must have a Registration Access Code. These codes are sent to student emails one to two weeks before registration. Some students have permanent RACs while others have temporary ones, meaning students have to wait for it to be emailed to them.

Some students may find this process stressful while some find it easier to register for classes. Student Kaeli Dickson finds registering difficult.

“Registration is hard for me because I still take a class at my high school,” Dickson said. “So, I have to find classes that will fit around my high school schedule because my school has a semester system instead of quarters.”

There are different processes in order to be eligible to register for classes. Running Start students have to meet with their high school counselor to obtain an EVF that then has to be processed by Running Start advisers at Pierce. Regular students have to make an appointment with their counselor and obtain their RAC code through email or from their adviser while meeting.

Spring quarter classes catalog was published Feb. 16. There, students are able to find when classes are and the item number.

Advisers strongly recommend knowing which classes are needed or wanted ahead of time along with the courses item number as it’ll facilitate the registration process and reduce the stress.

“It’s happened twice now that I didn’t get the classes I want,” Dickerson said. “But life keep going and I just have to work with what I get.” [/responsivevoice]

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Spring registration is coming to Pierce College

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