Spinning in time

Tyler McMahan


For the past couple of months, the clocks throughout the Pierce College Puyallup campus have been doing something strange.

If it’s gone unnoticed by the students and staff, the clocks would one day be on the correct time and then the next, four hours ahead of the actual time.

Most of the clocks on campus have been set to the accurate time for the last three weeks. While some around campus are off by a few hours.

This phenomenon didn’t go unnoticed by students and staff. Pierce student, Matt Siegel, tried to fix one.

“The clock was off so I grabbed it off the wall and there was a weird system of buttons on the back, I hit the PT one thinking it was Pacific Time and then it started to just spin,” Siegel said.

Siegel says he put the clock back on the wall and sat back down. He ignored it for the rest of the class period.

With the clocks out of order, students found that they kept looking to see what time it was and were confused for a minute, trying to understand why the time was off then realizing the clock had been off for a couple of weeks without any change.

“It was frustrating, I kept looking and the time was completely wrong. It was my own fault I guess since I kept looking throughout the class,” student Riley Hauser said.

Having this inconvenience could seem strange when every student has a cell phone or computer with them, so access to the time isn’t hard for someone to see.

So why are students so reliant on looking at the clocks on the wall? Is it easier to look by pulling out their phones or is it easier to just take a quick glance to the clock on the wall?

“I look at the clock more, because all I have to do is turn my head,” student Nicholas Meboe said.

With such a strange occurrence of not being able to check the time easily while in class, it would be an inconvenience to everyone on campus to check the time and find that the clock is still out of order.

Students can find reassurance in knowing that most of the clocks on campus have been set properly and they can now check the time in their classroom and not be thrown off by seeing it being four hours ahead of the actual time.

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Spinning in time

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