Some say college’s job listing website is broken

Matthew J. Walker

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Employers seeking to provide part-time, flexible jobs for Pierce College students have run into issues. They say Pierce’s jobs listing website is broken and college officials have provided little help in getting it fixed. One such company is Seed Factory Northwest, (a company local to the Puyallup area).

According to Denise Marshall, office manager of the company, everything from the process of submitting to the jobs board to the actual functionality of the website is broken. After having success with employees who were college students in the past, she contacted Pierce staff members to seek students looking for employment.

“As the HR person for my business, we’ve had really good quality employees we’ve used who have come from Pierce College,” she said. “We’re interested in hiring those students and giving them an opportunity to earn and work—and we have created a plan where they can adjust their (work) schedule quarter by quarter, so they can take classes. Sometimes those jobs are hard to find out there.”

Marshall said that after having the jobs listed on the college job website for several months, her company received zero responses—whereas, when she used the recruiting website, she received 125 applications. She believes this is because students are unaware of the jobs listing website and this program has been a disservice to students needing flexible employment due to poor advertisement of the website. The website Marshall used to post jobs is

Besides Pierce College, employers can advertise jobs to Green River College and Highline College students. Diana Baker, jobs and career connections manager for Pierce College, defended the website—stating that jobs related to career pathways at Pierce tend to receive a lot more attention from students.

“When employers are posting, if it’s a position that relates to one of our career pathways, it tends to get a lot more action than something that is more of maybe, a stopgap job, or something that doesn’t correspond to one of our pathways,” Baker said.

Baker said she believed a few issues were involved as to why employers may have difficulty receiving responses to their job listings; including poor advertisement for the site around campus. Whether or not the site is broken is up to the students and employers who use it—but Baker would like both parties to be aware that she’s available to be contacted should someone have any questions relating to the matter.

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Matthew J. Walker

Some say college’s job listing website is broken

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