Some drivers only hear tap tap, beep beep

Why am I parked at a green light? Oh right. The person in front of me is texting.

Sara Konu


I’m parked at a stop light on my way to Pierce waiting for a green light with my foot hovering above the gas pedal. The light turns in my favor, but I’m still not moving. There’s no stalled car in the intersection, no construction worker with a stop sign and no pedestrians taking their time walking across the street.

So why am I parked at a green light? Oh right. The person in front of me is texting.

Just in case the law against texting and driving isn’t enough—and the $124 fine if caught, some people need the sound of honking horns from the angry drivers to encourage them to stop tapping their cell phones and start driving.

People who pay more attention to their phones than the road should hand over the keys and start riding the bus. At least while riding the bus, they can get to their destination and text at the same time—without stalling traffic or endangering lives.

It’s natural curiosity to want to read the new message your phone is alerting you to. But in the grand scheme of things; is it really that important that you read it immediately? Will it make much difference if it’s read the second it’s received or 30 minutes later? Some might think so but unless that text message is an emergency, it should be ignored until the keys are out of the ignition.

If you really need to talk to someone while you’re driving, call them and put them on speaker phone. That way you can talk hands free while keeping your eyes on the road.

Don’t be tempted to reply to that text while you’re behind the wheel. While you’re sending that message to a friend, the message being sent to the drivers around you is that you care more about talking to a friend than the other drivers’ safety.

There’s a word for this behavior—selfish.

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Some drivers only hear tap tap, beep beep

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min