Students attend annual SOCC event

SOCC helped attendees learn about identities, race relations and relationships.

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Equity and Diversity Coordinator T.J. Estes led a debrief and reflection on April 26 with students and advisers who attended the Students of Color Conference from April 21-23 in Yakima.

The debrief was open to these students to share their experience with each other and with students who wanted to get a feel for what others experienced.

Ten students attended, along with four student leaders, two advisers and two college staff members.

After an icebreaker and complementary sandwiches and brownies, students split into two groups to discuss the sessions they’d attended from each of the three days of the conference.

Student Shakita Etheridge reflected on one of the sessions she’d attended from the first day.

“I liked the racial identity session, because not to be rude, but Puyallup has a lot of white people and the people in that session could really relate to us,” Etheridge said.

Student Daryl Foto led the group in a discussion about racial identity and the difference between identifying as black or African American.

He attended a men’s identity workshop the first day of the conference and shared his thoughts with the other members of his group.

“The only problem with identity development workshops was that the men’s identity group focused on how you need to be a good leader, and I know a lot of great female leaders,” Foto said.

Student Mary Hall told her group about one of her favorite sessions from the conference.

“I went to the multiracial identity session the first day,” Hall said. “We talked about microaggressions and how you don’t need to tell people who you are.”

The event gave students an opportunity to reflect on the three-day growth experience and find camaraderie within Pierce.

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Hannah Pederson

Students attend annual SOCC event

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