Soaking up the sun’s benefits

How to get a dose of sunshine that is optimal to your health.



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As spring blooms, people are anxious to get a dose of sunshine while it’s available. When sunlight exposure is done responsibly, it can be used to maintain a positive well-being.

Getting some sun can benefit a person’s physical and emotional health.

Sunlight can be a way to intake Vitamin D, which is a vitamin necessary in regulating the body’s immune system. Vitamin D is taken in through the skin and the eyes. In addition to this, sunlight can aid blood circulation, balance hormones, help reduce insomnia and clear up skin.

Sun can also influence a person’s disposition. It can increase a person’s mood by increasing serotonin, the hormone that makes a person happy. Exposure to sunlight has even been recommended to individuals who suffer from depression.

With an abundance of sunshine comes the opportunity to exercise outdoors. This allows a person to receive fresh air, mental stimulation and save money from having to pay for a gym membership.

The best time to get sunlight is in the early morning, before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m. in the early evening. This is when the sun is not at its peak of intensity and a person can be exposed for longer periods of time without damage.

Exposure to sunshine varies with skin pigment. Individuals with fairer skin should have minimal exposure and work their way up to longer periods of time. While individuals with a darker complexion can filter twice as much ultraviolet radiation compared to fair-skinned people, caution should still be taken in regards to how much sun those individuals absorb.

Although sunlight has its advantages, high exposure can increase the likelihood of skin cancer. This is true no matter how dark or light a person’s skin is. It is important to apply sunscreen that is between an SPF of 15-30 that has protection against the two types of UV waves, UVA and UVB.

Enjoy the sun, but don’t damage health in the long run.

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Soaking up the sun’s benefits

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