Snacks supporting athletics

Vending machines help support athletics.

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Small, white signs on each of the vending machines on the Pierce College Puyallup campus explain the true purpose of the vending machines; their proceeds benefit Pierce athletes in the form of athletic scholarships.

“All proceeds from the vending machines at Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom go to support scholarships for the student-athletes at Pierce College,” Duncan Stevenson, director of district athletics, said.

Last year, beverage and snack vending machines generated $23,091.23 in commission. The athletics program earned additional revenue through event ticket sales, athletic proceeds from commissions and small revenue sources.

Vending machine companies such as Vista Vending and Elite Vending Services were chosen out of several companies for the beverage and snack bids, but the decision for the proposing commission was made by the college.

Pierce College is home several sports and hundreds of athletes. Scholarship opportunities can be one of the top reasons why some students attend Pierce College.

Pierce athletics was able to raise a total of $48,832 for student athlete scholarships during the 2012-13 school year. The college awarded 73 student athletes with scholarships with the money.

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Snacks supporting athletics

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