Smoking out the e-cigs on campus

A new non-smoking campus committee and their future plans.

Meagan Lucero


Members of Pierce College’s non-smoking campus committee have not made any decisions on conditions for smoking on campus.

The current rule for on-campus smoking is all cigarettes and e-cigarettes must be smoked in designated smoking shelters near the parking lots.

Much confusion has surrounded the rules governing the use of e-cigarettes. In the beginning of the year, e-cigarettes were allowed to be smoked indoors. After the rules were changed during spring quarter, students, staff members and faculty experienced some confusion. Most signs placed around campus specifically said that e-cigarettes aren’t to be smoked indoors but don’t specify that students can’t smoke e-cigarettes wherever they choose outside.

Some conflicts have risen. Recently, a staff member confronted a student about smoking e-cigarettes outdoors and not in the smoking shelters. While the student believed he could smoke his e-cigarette as long as it was anywhere outdoors, the staff member suggested otherwise.

After this encounter, rules were then verified by members of the non-smoking campus committee and explained to the staff member and student.

Director of Student Life Sean Cooke plans to send a campuswide email to students, faculty and staff members to clarify the current rules for e-cigarettes on campus.

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Smoking out the e-cigs on campus

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