Smith speaks of a vegan Thanksgiving

A vegan Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a day known to give thanks and eat a variety of delicious foods, while gathered around close friends and family.

For vegan Zoie Smith, a Running Start student at Pierce College, Thanksgiving is a little different.

Smith follows the Thanksgiving tradition of spending time with the ones she cares about.

“I celebrate thanksgiving by having a very large get-together with my mom’s side of the family. We all come together, eat, and share stories from the year,” Smith said.

But when asked what makes her Thanksgiving so different, Smith shares the details of her unique family.

“Pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans, meatitarians, as they like to call themselves, you name it and it’s in the family,” Smith jokes.

Having a variety of family members with different eating habits, Thanksgiving requires making multiple side dishes, but each with different ingredients. For example, Smith’s family makes a vegan as well as an omnivore dish, like stuffing with vegetable broth or chicken broth so everyone leaves the table satisfied and licking their fingers.

At a young age, Smith started out as a pescaterian, which is someone who doesn’t eat meat but does eat fish. From there, she gradually moved towards vegetarianism. Last year, she chose to eliminate all animal products and become a dedicated vegan.

So she probably won’t be wearing any leather jackets or animal tested makeup in her lifetime. Smith admits that she made the choice to live a vegan lifestyle because of her desire and commitment to the wellbeing of all animals. She says she plans to one day become an activist for the Animal Liberation Front and spend her time volunteering at animal shelters.

Curious to the types of vegan foods that will surround the Thanksgiving dinner table this year, Smith shares some of her favorite recipes from the past.

“My top three are brussel sprout and rosemary red onions, potato, kale and mushroom soup and vegan pumpkin pie,” Smith said.

No Thanksgiving dinner is ever the same, whether individuals are diabetic, vegetarian or a vegan. Individuals have the opportunity to give thanks to unique qualities shared amongst peers.

For those who want to dust off the aprons and pull out a measuring spoon, visit The Puyallup Post Facebook page to find these recipes.


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Smith speaks of a vegan Thanksgiving

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