The nose knows its way around campus

For those with a sensitive nose, there’s a whole new world to be explored when it comes to taking the time to identify smells, which includes areas at Pierce College Puyallup.

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For the nose, life isn’t wonderful all the time. Sometimes, this sense inhales the whiff of rotten eggs, burnt food and garbage muck. Yet, there are the glorious scents out there that are a gift to the nose. Take, for example, the smell of a vanilla candle, an ice cream parlor with homemade waffle cones or tires for sale.

For those with a sensitive nose, there’s a whole new world to be explored when it comes to taking the time to identify smells, which includes areas at Pierce College Puyallup. The nose knows what it likes, so some smells are more pleasant than others. Here are some areas on campus and what they can offer to the nose.

First floor of the Brouillet Library/Science Building

For students who have classes inside this building, this scent won’t come as a surprise. An odd smell exists here, but at times it’s much stronger than others. Yet, it’s noticeable each time upon walking in. It’s like the smell that if inhaled too deeply for a lengthy amount of time could lead to an upset stomach. It’s probably a combination of odors from the science labs. It might be described as the smell of hydrochloric acid combined with a rat, to put it simply.  

The dining commons

Amidst the muffled voices and Ping Pong action, there’s the smell of food coming from Lancer Catering. But after the main cafeteria closes, the aroma of food that students bring from outside of campus can be overpowering. At about 3:16 p.m. on May 3, the main cafeteria is closed but the espresso/snack stand is open. Yet, this isn’t what is triggering a powerful smell. Coming from somewhere around the area is a smell of spicy crackers, like cooked Chex Mix –  it indeed came from a microwaved lunch.

The bookstore

The smell here can best be described as… well, a bookstore. The only real distinct smell is of the fresh textbooks, which isn’t a bad one. As for the food offered at the bookstore, there isn’t an actual smell because they’re packaged items. This means that the smell inside the bag of chips and beef jerky remains concealed until the price has been paid.

Tutoring Center

This is the place to capture a powerful smell on campus. When coming into this land of academic assistance, Pierce students and staff aren’t only greeted by the employee at the front desk and sight of learning in progress, but the smell of freshly sharpened wooden pencils and coffee. It makes sense, due to the fact that coffee is available in the corner of the tutoring center and pencils are available for use. After a while, it might start to give someone a headache because of the combination.

The Health Education Center

The front desk workers inside the HEC are quite lucky, because this place on campus has a really good smell – that is, for those who like the scent of rubber and machinery from the equipment. Yes, it’s a “gym smell,” but a good one… not a reeking body odor and sweaty locker room smell.      

Arts and Allied Health Building

When coming into this glamorous building, there’s a smell that resembles ceramic materials. It’s sort of a pasty smell like the tub of paste used in kindergarten for projects. It only lasts for a moment and disappears; perhaps the smell comes from the materials used in the art classes upstairs. When walking further into the building by the music section, there’s a faint smell of wood because of the beams on the ceiling. It’s pleasant, yet once again only lasts a minute.

Inside the library

There isn’t too much to smell here. But for someone with an extremely strong sniffer, they may pick up something otherwise. A surge of air awaits library visitors upon entering through the doors to this book and study area paradise, and it feels fresh. There isn’t the smell of books or overheated computers, nor the smell of freshly applied ink to pages from the printer.

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The nose knows its way around campus

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