SMC projects future through art

The SMC at Pierce College Puyallup offers students unique opportunities to express themselves. Through unique programs such as the Creative Cloud, Apple Products and now an opportunity to project art in public, students can show their talents.

Rebecca Dickson, Reporter

Art is an expression of emotion and thought. Although some may think it can’t be combined with technology well, the Student Media Center in the Arts and Allied Health Building seems to think otherwise.

The SMC in the AAH is used less often than other labs on campus most likely because of its location.

In order to use the labs, students must check in at the front desk and scan their student ID cards.

The SMC has many differences from other computer labs on campus, such as the red accent wall. This pop of color is representative of the location of the lab – the AAH.

Most students use the library or the College Center computer center in order to get their work done, and many are unaware of the existence of the SMC.

John Sanford, multimedia facilitator through Pierce College’s Student Technology Assistance Team, works afternoons in the SMC.

“Students who tend to use these programs tend to be in the digital design program up at Fort Steilacoom, but they live (in Puyallup),” Sanford said. “We’re here to help anybody, with anything we can.”

Although the SMC has computers and study stations like any other lab on campus, the Puyallup Multimedia Center offers a multitude of additional features, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud which includes Dreamweaver, After Effects, Firework, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and InDesign. It also has three Mac computers which have iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD and Final Cut Pro X.

These resources can be useful to many students.

“I think it’s useful because some students don’t have the ability to use that kind of software at home,” student Grace Denchfield said. “PhotoShop can be expensive.”

The lab also has two multimedia facilitators, who can assist students in using these tools. Textbooks on some of this software including Premiere Pro and CSS web design are available for student use within the lab.

“This is the only lab on campus that has the Creative Cloud,” Sanford said. “Most of these programs are used in the digital design world.”

All of these are available to students as part of the technology fee paid at the beginning of each quarter. These fees are sent to the Technology Fee committee, which is made up of students and staff who decide where fees are best spent for the greater student benefit. All of this software is funded through that committee.

“We’re a media center, so we have the creative software which the lab doesn’t,” Sanford said. “It’s a good place to come study. People seem to like it here.”

Students tend to agree that they like the lab. Student Henrik Haude has used the lab many times.

“I enjoy using the (SMC) and I prefer it to the other computer labs on campus,” Haude said. “Not only is it a quieter and more comfortable environment, (but also) the staff are really friendly and helpful.”

Recently, the SMC has been attempting to find other ways of letting students know the lab exists, such as using student art submissions as projections in the lab.

As the lab has a full projector, the SMC has looked into having student art shown in the lab.

“Any kind of visual art can be put up,” Sanford said. “If you have some art, bring it in here.”

Currently, most of the art is created by the two multimedia facilitators, John Sanford and Chris Horn. However, student Emily Robinson has also submitted work.

Although the SMC will be reviewing the art to make sure it’s appropriate, they wish to demonstrate the creativity and artistic endeavors students pursue in the AAH.

Although all students are able to use the lab, most students who use the lab are those who take classes primarily in the AAH, mostly art and nursing students.

“Anyone is welcome here,” Sanford said.

Students interested in submitting their artwork may go to the SMC in the AAH 132 and speak to a multimedia facilitator. The SMC is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

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Rebecca Dickson

SMC projects future through art

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