Smarter devices, dumber students: the technology takeover

Is technology making us the dumber generation?

Meagan Lucero


“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity,” Albert Einstein said.

This is true for millennials, the generation complete with participation ribbons, anything-is-possible attitudes and tech-savvy skills. These students are using technology resources more than ever before. This begs the question: Is this generation getting dumber? With devices answering questions faster than people, the question “Is this generation getting dumber?” remains controversial.

Pierce College offers many resources to help students. Most recently, Pierce librarians added a tool that allows students to text questions to them. Questions can be answered with a tap of a screen and a little high-level thinking on the recipient’s side.

Other resources such as have answers to some test questions in a variety of different classes. Websites that grammatically correct paper reports, such as, do so for just a simple card payment. Who’s to say that students are actually learning from these automatic corrections? Technological resources have increasingly turned into a primary way to get things done correctly. The controversial question simply asks if technology resources are helping or hindering student’s education.

Perhaps to an extent.

An advancement in Texas Instrument calculators offers faster and easier ways to answer complex mathematical problems. This bittersweet advancement takes answering math problems to a whole new level, giving users the chance to do more and think less.

When it comes to simpler things such as taking notes, some students throw out the old school method of using pen and paper and trade it in for taking a picture of the board with their phones.

“It’s so much faster to just take a picture of something, and that way I can just study off of my phone and I always have my phone on me,” Pierce College student Emily Lane said.

Technology isn’t something that’s going to go away. It’s only going to go further from here. So is this generation actually dumber, or is it just a new form of being smart? No one can define what being smart is; it’s not that simple.

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Smarter devices, dumber students: the technology takeover

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