Slipping into spring fashion

Spring fashion for the college student.

Shelly Beraza


Fashion changes throughout the seasons as quickly as the weather does.

The potential for new, unique fashion items to appear in the general market is high because of the influence of celebrity fashion and modern clothing trends.

What works in spring for a college student? According to Redbook, Cosmopolitan and Allure magazines, a few things hold true.

The ‘90s are back, and a lot of different styles that were associated with that decade, including some of the following. So-called vintage clothing from the early and mid-1900s is also popular.


It’s easy to create out of existing clothes, so it can also save money. Fringe can be included on boots, sweaters, jackets, shirts and dresses as well as jewelry to accessorize if fringe isn’t a student’s style.

The button-up

It’s great for layering, or if grunge is the look of the day. They now come in an array of colors, cuts and styles to fit any body type.

Wide-legged pants and cropped shirts

They’re supposed to go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Flattering for someone with an hourglass figure, the cropped top shows off the smallest part of the body, while the wide pant legs offer a balance to the rest of the outfit.

According to Pierce College Puyallup student Annalise Nilson, the crop top isn’t for everyone.

“Unless you have perfectly toned, tan abs of steel, please don’t wear crop tops,” Nilson said.

Tea-length skirts

These skirts, popular from the ‘40s to ‘60s, are making a comeback. They’re great to wear with a tucked, fitted shirt.


Dresses of any kind are also a definite for spring, and were at the top of the list of Pierce College Puyallup students’ spring fashion favorites.

“(I like) floral dresses, because it’s fun to wear dresses when the sun’s shining and there’s a nice breeze,” Pierce College Puyallup student Maddy Smith said.“It reminds me of what spring is.”

Shift blouse

It’s basically a fancy t-shirt, for those that want something more than the normal plain white short-sleeve shirt. They come in plenty of fabrics, patterns and colors to go with whatever outfit students have in their closet. Shift blouses also go well with a crop jacket.

While this is only a small assortment on spring fashion, it’ll help get a student started for spring quarter.

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Slipping into spring fashion

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