SLAM hits Pierce College

The latest Students Literary Art Magazine was released May 9 during an awards ceremony in the college center at noon.

Sara Konu


The latest Students Literary Art Magazine was released May 9 during an awards ceremony in the college center at noon.

The Students Literary Art Magazine is an annual publication of literary work submitted by Pierce College students. There are currently 3,500 copies available at both the Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses and they are free to anyone who wants one.

There was about 550 pages worth of entries submitted for this year’s SLAM publication of literary work. Approximately 20 percent of the submitted work was published, and only five works received awards.

Librarian Kathy Swart hosted the awards ceremony and awarded the five prizes of $100 each to the winners of the best of categories for prose, poetry, play manuscript, artwork and cover design. The prizes were supplied by The Pierce College Foundation.

“Our process for choosing can be somewhat arbitrary, so if you didn’t get in this year, maybe you’ll get in next year,” Swart said.

Swart read some of the winning entries and several students whose work was published in the latest edition of SLAM read their literary entries aloud to the audience.

Student Nathan Wilhelm read his play “With a Hitch” with the help of a friend.

“It was kind of nerve-wracking because at first people weren’t laughing like I’d hoped they would,” Wilhelm said. “But then when I sat back down the girl sitting next to me said she really enjoyed it, so that was a relief.”

After the readings, Swart played a DVD compiled by the Fort Steilacoom drama department of drama students reciting and enacting poetry published in SLAM.

Arts and Humanities Division Chair Michael Darcher was part of the committee that selected which submissions were published.

“I cannot fathom a college not having a literary arts magazine in its midst,” Darcher said. “Exposing students to artistic endeavors as a requisite aspect of their education seems a given. So does encouraging students to create and submit their artistic renderings.”

Students interested in submitting their work for the next edition of SLAM can find more information online at

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SLAM hits Pierce College

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