Silver want to make impact

Griffin Silver’s ideas as the new environmental representative.



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Griffin Silver, environmental representative at Pierce College Puyallup, wants to make a positive impact on the environment. Though Silver was born in the rural town of Somerville, New Jersey he considers Puyallup his home. Silver chose Pierce College for its running start program and is trying to get ahead ever since he came here to Pierce College.

Being the environmental representative, Silver not only represents the students, but also takes into consideration students’ opinions.

His goal is to get as many students involved with nature as possible. He is working towards creating a series of environmental clubs and possibly a greenhouse to encourage student involvement with nature.

“I’m working closely with (English instructor) Beth Stevens and the Common Book program,” Silver said. “I’ve been trying to create all these different activities and get as many students involved as I can.”

Currently Silver plans to go into environmental activism after getting a double master’s degree in creative writing and environmental studies. He wants to use his writing and skill to convince others to make a difference in their surroundings and nature.

To improve his writing skills, Silver tries to write for a few hours every day. While at Pierce, he’s working toward a transfer degree to Western Washington University.

“As you can imagine I am a big fan of Henry David Thoreau and his use of transcendentalism in his writing,” he said.

To Silver every college has its faults, and Pierce College’s main fault is the voice recognition of students. He has faith that if students have a big enough problem with something, they will make a change. Compared to high school, Silver sees Pierce College as a lot less institutionalized and more for the students.

Silver travels down to Houston on a regular basis, but the only time he has left the country was when he traveled to British Colombia, Canada.

Some of Silver’s hobbies includes playing Resident Evil, his favorite video game series, and listening to new wave bands such as Joy Division and New Order.

His other favorite hobby is long boarding which used to be a huge part of his life.

“I’ve changed a lot from long boarding,” Silver said. “I spend a lot of time while on a long boarding thinking about life. It’s sort of meditative and makes it so I can develop my thoughts.”

Silver is grateful for having a good social life and loves getting to know people in general.

If students are looking for environmental change here at Pierce College they should feel safe knowing how diligently Silver is willing to work to make it a comfortable and natural place for all to enjoy.

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Silver want to make impact

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