Shoutouts: Should trans women be able to join a women’s sport?

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“I don’t know because I recognize trans women although I found their identity valid, but biologically they have an advantage. I’m still not sure where I stand.”

-Malakia Namaya


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“I think so. I don’t really have a problem with them. I can see the controversy, you can’t force them to wrestle in the guys’ division.”

– Anthony Sota


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“No, because I’m on the swim team. I already know the time difference for a man and a woman. For a woman it’s a 1:30 minute and men it’s 1 minute. There is a big-time difference for a lap. Women tend to have more fat on their body. They don’t stay under as well as men.”

-Kayleigh Heslin


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“Yes, because if they are actually becoming a female, they should be included with other females.”

-Caitlin Balner


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“Depends if they’ve gone under hormone replacement therapy.”

Julia Weber

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Shoutouts: Should trans women be able to join a women’s sport?

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