Shoutouts: Should people under 21 be allowed to smoke?

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“It’s less about smoking and more about considering the age for an adult. Like, the most dangerous thing an American can do is drive a car and some places it’s 14 and vote at 18. It makes no sense.”

 –Kai Crisman


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“Yeah, the ban on flavored nicotine juice isn’t going to stop students. I also feel that if they’re 18 they can make that choice.”

 –Kat Hamm


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“I don’t know. I don’t like the idea of people smoking. If you’re old enough to make the decision your- self that’s fine but if the legislation says it’s okay then it’s more accessible. Honestly, there should be a grandparent law. I mostly say no. It’s hard to say.”

-Emily Raker


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“I guess legally 18 they can do what they want. When they changed the law I didn’t mind.“

-Matt Gifford


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“No, I don’t think anyone should smoke. If you think it’s for fun, there are other things to do.”

-Madison Inkster



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Shoutouts: Should people under 21 be allowed to smoke?

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