Shoutout: What’s your definition of diversity?

What diversity means to you.

Meagan Lucero


Tahan Jansz




Tahan Jansz: “Different types of people and places.”



Mariah Katzberg



Mariah Katzberg: “Involves variety.”






Edwin Piedra




Edwin Piedra: “The United States. We are a cornucopia of diversity.”





Cory Ruee




Cory Ruee: “Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said to judge people by the content of their character and not by any other physical characteristic.”




Michael Bell




Michael Bell: “Different kinds of classes we can take here.”





Harold Thomas




Harold Thomas: “Coming together as one and having equal rights.”





Jagger Hess




Jagger Hess: “Kiana and Navriti; they are my home girls of different ethnicity.”





Elizabeth Smith




Elizabeth Smith: “Everyone getting along no matter what race or religion.”

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Shoutout: What’s your definition of diversity?

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