What was your Welcome Days experience?

What students at Pierce thought of this year’s Welcome Days.

Anna Palmer

Richard Blix: “I actually came here early to play ping pong and hang out with people I knew.”

Anh Phim: “I’m an international student so I think the first day was ok. I really like the classes here. I like this campus, there’s a lot of space. There’s lots of space to sit and study by myself.”

Jennifer Conley: “The welcome tables were really welcoming.”

Kylie Ada: “I thought it was cool that they set up activities for kids to get to know each other cause especially coming from being home schooled and not knowing any other home schoolers that would be here, I was a little anxious about meeting new people.”

Joshua Bailey: “The first few days of Pierce College have been an amazing experience for me. I’m glad I had the opportunity to come to this wonderful school.”

Hannah Brown: “It was such a great experience just to see how many people really care and are working towards creating a positive, supportive environment.”

Sierra Mensonides: “I found everybody very welcoming and warm. I enjoyed the activities that were provided and thought it was awesome that they encourage group activities and getting to know each other. I really enjoyed the conversation jenga. That was really fun.”

Carly Ames: “It felt really welcoming because I was obviously a new student and it was nice to just walk in and start becoming part of the school.”

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What was your Welcome Days experience?

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