What is your hobby?

Here are Pierce College Puyallup students’ answers to the question: What is your hobby?

Mel Brisendine


Elesia Fisher

 Elesia Fisher: “Watching movies.”





Lexis Dyer

 Lexis Dyer: “Netflix.”





Susana Khomchuk

Susana Khomchuk: “Working out.”





Juan Marco Ares

 Juan Marco Ares: “Computer.”





Mykaela Thomas

Mykaela Thomas: “I play piano. I’ve been playing for 12 years now.”





Donovan Mann

Donovan Mann: “It used to be volleyball. I feel like studying is a hobby now.”





Shaina Hammack

Shaina Hammack: “I like to play role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.”





Mitch Crook

Mitch Crook: “Playing guitar.”





David Jones

David Jones: “Crocheting.”





Anthony Cooper

Anthony Cooper: “Playing video games.”





Chloe Obaya

Chloe Obaya: “I like to travel to third world countries and help in orphanages.”

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What is your hobby?

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