Shout Out: Should Pierce College keep the smoke shacks?

Students opinions about the smoke shack at Pierce College Puyallup.

Lacey Longpre’

Online/Social Media Manager


Courtney Harris: “They should keep it because it keeps the smoking secluded to one area. However, I do believe smoking is unhealthy and it can kill people.”


Ernesto Alegria: “They should have the smoke shack because if there isn’t a place for people to smoke they will go through withdrawal from not being able to smoke somewhere.”


Manpreet Dosanijh: “Yes, keep it because if people don’t have a place to smoke they’re more likely to smoke wherever they want.”


Solja Lang: “Without it people would go around smoking in other areas, making other people uncomfortable and exposing them to second hand smoke.”


Lim Khim: “Yes, because it keeps them from smoking in other areas, and it’s a sheltered area for smokers to protect them from uncomfortable weather conditions.”


Sharee Edwards: “They should keep it because it’s outside, so it’s not affecting anyone.”


Jessilyn Perez: “Yes, because no designated area means they’re more likely to smoke in other areas where non-smokers are.”


Ranita Bowser: “Yes, because it allows them to do their own thing, without the rest of us having to smell the smoke. I have asthma so it’s good that it’s outside.”

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Shout Out: Should Pierce College keep the smoke shacks?

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