Shout Out: How would you change the College Center?

Students give their opinions about what changes should be done to the College Center.


      Becca Shoemaker: “I would add a chocolate fountain and snacks 24/7.”







        Elizabeth Yant: “I haven’t been here very long so I wouldn’t change anything; I like it how it is.”







        Kiana Norman: “I would add tables that had more seating, but other than that I wouldn’t change how it is.”







        Jordan Murphy: “I like the architecture, but I would add more seating.”







        Lizzy Eredia: “I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more books on the shelf next to the fireplace.”







       Rebekah Caris: “I would add more left-handed chairs and turn on the fireplace.”







       Sharry Lewis: “I would add another microwave.”






        Alex Ollivant: “I wouldn’t change the building; I would lower tuition or reduce the ridiculous mark-up on books.”



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Shout Out: How would you change the College Center?

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