Shout Out: Do you prefer online classes or grounded classes?

Students share their thoughts on their classroom environment preferences.

Aren Holland: “In the classroom because when I need help it’s there and I can’t procrastinate.”


Bryan Alfaro: “In class because the sense of authority over you makes you want to work.”


Kieran Mundine-Jones: “In class because there is more interaction between the professor and students.”


Nick Holzer: “In class because the interaction is nice to have because I can talk to a professor one on one.”



Brian Wright: “I definitely prefer in the classroom classes because if I have a problem I can figure it out by talking to my professor.”



Cheyenne Lightburn: “In class because I’m not motivated to do the work when I take online classes.”



Darrell Wilson: “In class because you have more face to face interaction.”



Becca Shoemaker: “In class because for online classes there’s more room for procrastination and there’s more participation in classes that are in a classroom. You also don’t get the socialization between you and the college if you take an online classes.”




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Shout Out: Do you prefer online classes or grounded classes?

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