Should security cameras be used in the classroom?

Kaelyn Anderson argues in favor of security cameras in classrooms.



Kaelyn Anderson


Surveillance cameras should be installed in all classrooms in order to provide a better atmosphere for learning and safety.

If students and instructors know they are being recorded, they are more likely to behave appropriately.

Cameras also will protect students by providing evidence if something unexpected occurs. Cameras would keep students from committing crimes such as vandalism, initiating fights, passing notes, cheating during tests and doing drugs in class.

Video surveillance in classrooms not only will keep students in line but instructors also.

Cameras would catch professors who are insufficiently teaching class by providing video evidence of them doing inappropriate action such as canceling class frequently, showing videos multiple times a week or not engaging their students in classroom discussions.

According to Fast Company, Bill Gates believes all classrooms should have video surveillance cameras to serve as an aid in evaluating teachers. Gates said it would be worth investing in this because teachers are a key part that makes a school successful.

States that have installed cameras in classrooms include Texas, New York and Colorado. Although Gates’ main goal is to evaluate teachers by using cameras, they can also be used after hours as a security device.

Since the cafeteria at Pierce College has video surveillance, people are less likely to steal food. Surveillance cameras could also catch vandalism after school hours or during school breaks.

It should be a priority to stop these events from occurring as some results have been devastating in the past.

Examples include the mass shootings in the Newtown, Conn., elementary school or at Virginia Tech. Camera surveillance could help catch the perpetrators.

It also could help people evacuate so they are not going into the situation but away from it.

Every year society makes this more and more of an issue due to the increase of crimes.

So, adding video surveillance in classrooms would assist in solving this problem before it gets out of control.

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Should security cameras be used in the classroom?

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