Share an interest by starting a club

Steps on starting a club at Pierce College.



Mackenzie Hendricks


If you have any interests you share with others, Student Programs can help turn that common interest into a club.

Pierce College Puyallup student Anthony Morales recently started the Sports and Fitness club and went through the process of chartering.

“I was in the gym and I realized it would be a lot more fun to exercise with other people,” Morales said. “That way I can be motivated to work out and I can motivate others. It just popped into my head to start a club and I did.”

To get the Sports and Fitness club approved, Morales went through a series of steps that are required to start a club.

The first step is he set up a meeting with Bhagirath Bhatt, vice president for government concerns, to review contents of the application packet found at the Office of Student Life.

Afterward, he completed the Clubs/Organizations Charter and obtained the signatures of at least eight people, indicating their willingness to be active club members.

The third step is choosing a club adviser from among the Pierce College faculty and obtained a signature on the Adviser’s Agreement Form.

“Getting an adviser that knows the field you want to start a club in is important,” said Morales. “You don’t want a writing teacher for a Sports and Fitness Club. Our adviser is Brian Kovacevich, the HEC manager.”

After getting an adviser, he created the club’s constitution.

“Writing the constitution was probably the hardest part of the process of starting the club,” Morales said. “But they gave an example of a club constitution so it wasn’t that hard.”

After he finished the constitution and his fellow club members approved it, he submitted the completed Application for Recognition packet (Clubs/Organizations Charter, Advisor’s Agreement Form and the club constitution and bylaws) to Amanda Cornejo, clubs/organization coordinator and outreach coordinator, for review.

For the final step, he attended the Associated Students of Pierce College Puyallup Council meeting, where the charter was discussed. Morales received questions from council members prior to the vote that approved his club.

Once a club is approved, there are set responsibilities to being the club president.

A report on club activity must be submitted the second week of each quarter (excluding summer) and the end of the quarter to the vice president for government concerns. There also must be a club meeting at least once a month that follows a predetermined agenda and is documented by the club’s secretary. Regular club agenda records at the conclusion of club meetings as well as club minutes are required to be submitted to the vice president for government concerns.

The vice president for government concerns will notify all clubs of scheduled council meetings, which also must be attended a minimum of twice quarterly by the club president or another officer.

“Clubs are an amazing opportunity for students to do amazing things, and they are even funded by Student Programs,” said Director of Student Life Sean Cooke.

Approved clubs/organizations are eligible to receive $400 as a seed fund from the college if they wish to be subsidized clubs.

Some clubs don’t require money to operate and do not request funds, which also means they are exempt from certain requirements of subsidized clubs (such as a yearly service project or budget paperwork). These funds can be used for any club-based activity, and any unused money will carry over to the next fiscal year.

“When you start a club it gives you a feeling of belonging,” Cornejo said. “It is a great opportunity.”

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Share an interest by starting a club

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